Winter Tree

This year, I bought my first real artificial tree! It's a pencil spruce, nice and skinny...and I thought why not have something different in the living room? So I have a WINTER tree! I collect old baby wool sweaters, and had some mittens & socks too. I also have some old ornaments from my grandparents, which are snowflakes and icicles, made out of chenille. There are white porcelain doves that I've had before we were married, that were on our 'wedding tree' at our reception. On the bottom left of this photo there is a brighter pink sweater & hat. They were Tearsa's, knitted by my aunt.

I found the tree a lot of fun.....Aaron's remarks "well, it's you." I took that as a compliment, so I won't bother with his next line! I plan on decorating it for spring, and other holidays too.
Since we had a skiff of snow last night (this month has been short on our annual snowfall) I thought I'd post a photo of the indoor snowflakes, the trail of paper snowflakes that is around the living room and down the hallway. They glitter & twirl adding much delight for the season.