This is my niece Gwen, who grew up down the road from us....who was lucky enough to marry a good man who is a farmer. The whole page was posting an article about them! I did cut off the bottom of the article, so you could see their photo better. The large headline below said "I've worked with my dad all my life- I hope some day I'll be working with my kids." (remark from Greg). I know how much it means to Aaron to be able to have our oldest boys help with the sprinklers and variety of projects on the farm....and how it will be good to have them more involved some day. One of the other lines in the article says: "It's how I grew up- I can't think of a better way to live than on a farm, working with my family." Way to go Greg & Gwen! Great photos & a positive article!


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    Thanks for posting this article. My scanner isn't working so I couldn't post it myself. I was definitly lucky to marry a good man who is a farmer!!!