This is Tilmann, taken on his birthday. Perhaps you might notice in the first photo the rather large (at least the size of a silver dollar) spot which has no hair? Let me tell you a story. Aaron is cutting the boys hair with the electric clippers. It's Tilmann's turn, while Aaron is working, Tilmann brushes up his hand next to his ear...which hits the electric clippers... which the spacer flys off... and scalps him a good hole. Yes, accidents happen, but Tilmann was devastated, "but dad, tomorrow is my birthday". Sure the ideas are flowing...."we could shave it all off" (on a kid this age, it would look like cancer treatments) or "we could do a hole on the other side, and it could be where you had horns". (who wants to look like they were de-horned? Obviously we live on a cattle farm for this thought to pop into their heads). But instead we look at the practical idea in the matter....gluing the hair back on! Honest, I used a tacky glue, afraid if I used super glue, we might not get the 'old' hair off, when the 'new' grew back in, and just worked with it. Sure it wasn't perfect, I couldn't lay all the hairs in the right direction, but it was an improvement! (take another look at the 'before & after photos) But when you're a boy of 7, your day isn't full of quietly sitting, so some of it falls off as the day wears on. I'm not sure how many days I'll be gluing...I guess till I run out of 'spare hair'. I'm sure hoping his hair will be growing fast! Days can be interesting at our household! Sure this is way funny, but right now it certainly isn't to poor Tilmann. P.S. His father felt really bad.


  1. Renee said...

    Nice to know I have good company. I did that to Mitchell when he was in 10th grade and wrestling. The clipper head flew off and the clippers dropped out of my hand onto Mitch's head. I just burst into tears! I wasn't as creative - I tried shoe polish first - too shiny - so we ended up bleaching his hair (when that was in style) so it matched his white scalp. He wore a baseball cap to school until it grew out - but when he wrestled - one could spot the bald spot through his head gear. C'est la vie!