"Looking for a place to rest, she laid comfortably on a bed of needles, that had fallen over the years from the over head pine trees"

Our Christmas Tree was one that Aaron & the boys went up to the south hills to find. These strappin' men brought home a pine tree, ready to decorate. But Aaron first gave the warning that the tree is dry, and might not last too long.(we've had a few years of drought) Fine. First Drey puts up lights, and the boys decorate it to their hearts desire. Next thing I find, Tearsa has un-decorated it, putting the lights on her way, and with some help of the brothers, redecorate the tree. She has also decided that the tree needed ball ornaments, and spent time each week shopping thrift stores to buy them.

I found what my part in the tree was, that being- taking it down. No one wanted to help. I finally gave up, and decided to just do it...the tree was dead and dying anyway, so it isn't glowing with that Christmas spirit. Actually when the lights were turned on, since the inter core of the tree was pretty brown anyway, it did look like it glowed, an optical effect with only green tips on the limbs.

Things were fine, until I got to the removal of the lights. Tearsa did a professional job of stringing the lights....she went winding around the branch, all the way up the limb and all the way down...and then wound a few times around the trunk before she went on to the next limb. 800 lights were on this tree, which is equivalent to about 6 miles of unwinding cord. I wouldn't have bothered, but these were new lights I had just bought this year! It wasn't long into this workout that the screws on the base didn't like the way I was handing the branches, and thus the tree fell over. And the needles, softness isn't how I would describe them, since they were scratching my forearms, but they were falling! The fresh scent of pine filled the air too, perhaps from the pitch that was covering my hands?

Tavin & Tilmann had come down during the later part of the activity (the others were in town)
& make some k'nex equipment to help clear out the fallen needles on the carpet. By the time we gathered them up, with the help of a broom we had a 1/2 garbage bag full of pine needles. Yes, we could have made a soft bed to lay comfortable down upon.


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