I have decided it would be better if I posted SOMETHING than nothing. But since my camera won't even turn on --sorry no photos. Tearsa took both her cameras to school, and thought it was past time for me to buy a new one. I'm thinking maybe it would be a good gift suggestion for Christmas - that is if Aaron gets the hint!

Tuesday, Tearsa and I made it off to College. Personally the traffic around SLC was about to kill me, but since she drove, we made it fine. Pure delight to be on the campus grounds again. Even the D.I. store is worth spending hours at! Unfortunately I had to return home the following evening, so I wasn't able to gather enough 'campus life' yet.

Aaron on the other hand was at the fair with the boys. All 4 of them have 4H pigs this year. First is the open show, which was yesterday (weigh in the day we left for college)....that is where anyone can enter their pigs, and cash money (because it costs to enter) is awarded. They were ahead of the game and actually made over 150 dollars! YaHoo! The boys have been sleeping at the fair....in the parking lot....in a horse trailer. I decided to sleep here tonight and will join them in the morning for the 4H showing. My Mother came down for the fair, (she is sleeping in Tearsa's room) she loves watching the boys show their pigs.

By the way, you can keep in touch with Tearsa by way of her blog. Right now her computer is at Apple, minor damage fixed....and she is waiting for it to be shipped. But she has been adding to her blog faithfully by way of cell phone...throughout the day! I love catching her comments! Do I miss her? You bet, but I am so Happy to have her where she is at, so it is fine....for now.


I'll be going to BYU in a week, so I've started posting things on my blog. Currently Mom's camera isn't working...and with me not around I don't know if much will be posted on this blog anymore...but hopefully it will...anyway, I will be doing my best to keep my blog up to date, so you should at least check it out :D

Alright...these posts are a little out of order... :)

I graduated from high school this spring. Yay!

Mom, me, & GrandmaDad is on the school board so he was able to present me with my diploma
Kelsey, Nat, & Kayla

Tavin graduated from the fifth grade this year and is moving from Hollister it Filer! Middle school already!! Wow!! Note: His poster is a 3rd place winner....receiving a $5 check!Note: This is the whole graduating class of Hollister this year!

Mom the Tour Guide
Security :)


I'm not really sure if this picture is appropriate...but I'm pretty proud of it. I got my wisdom teeth out a few weeks ago. While I was still kind of drugged there was blood all over in my mouth, so I took a picture of myself. At least...that's what I think happened. The details are pretty fuzzy...Haha..it makes me laugh every time I look at it!


Janice probably didn't make it real obvious last winter but she was pretty much a widow and this is why. I started building one of these machines in November and then had the opportunity to buy another truck in December. That meant that my winter project of building a stacker turned into a marathon of building two. The first one was out of the shop in February and the second one needed to be finished by the middle of May. Fortunately, summer came late because I didn't have either one ready to go until June. I could bore you with lots of details about the building process and how they work but will refrain. The pictures kind of explain how they work and if anyone really cares about knowing more, you know where I am. Drey & Taft have both learned how to operate them and we're getting close to the point where they can just go out and do a job on their own. Incidentally, both machines have worked exceptionally well so far.


Drey got chickens a long time ago (March?), but we've never posted about them. Since they're not my chickens, I'm not going to write about them. I just take pictures.
More recent pictures:

Father's Day???

I'm not sure if this was from Father's Day or not...it was so long ago that i can't remember! But anyways...we went to Shoshone Falls for a picnic: