Birthday Bowling

Our family was down to 4 people Friday night, (see the below blog by Tearsa) so off to the Filer Bowling alley to celebrate Tilmann's upcoming birthday! (which is tomorrow the 31st he is turning 7) Anyhow it was a great game of bowling....Tilmann was only 6 points behind his father (bumper pads do help a kid's score!) After a wild game of bowling, we headed off to Chinese Food for dinner. Tilmann requesting sweet & sour chicken, and deciding that fortune cookies are true.

Pine Dell

Yesterday, Drey, Taft, I, and the rest of the youth and leaders went up to the church cabins for our annual winter camping experience. There wasn't too much snow (only about two feet), but the weather was wonderful. Sure, it was cold, but the sun was shinning and the wind wasn't blowing!

We drove up in the morning with Carol and Carrie. There were a few people there already who had brought snowmobiles, so they hauled us (and all our stuff) to the cabins. After we had put our "stuff" away, we went to the lodge and began the card games. Probably not the best activity, considering all the outdoor activities that we had available to us, but was still fun. I finally played scum after seeing people playing it at Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. I must say it is great fun!

We did go play in the snow after a while. There were about five snowmobiles, and they made a few trips taking people to and up hills, where we then slid down on sleds and such. Heidi and I climbed the tallest hill, and then spent the rest of the time on the top eating snow and talking. The hike up the hill took way too much energy, so neither one of us wanted to waste all our hard work by going back down the hill. Besides being an energy-drainer, the hike also made us hot and thirsty. So we took off our coats and sweaters, walked over to the trees, and ate snow. Every fifteen minutes or so, a snowmobile would drive by and drop sledders off. The drivers were a little curious as to what we were doing. Not that I blame them. Two t-shirt clad girls facing the trees and a pile of clothing nearby would get me wondering too.

That evening we ate dinner and had a short devotional by Heber and Bishop. And...well, not much else happened that evening. We did play a few more games, including go fish, and then around 11:30 we went to bed. I was freezing cold all night. Not that it really matters, but I just thought I'd add that little detail. (I need to bring more bedding next time, I guess, since most of the other people in the cabin were comfortable and some even too hot.)

Alright, now I think I'm just rambling, so I'll wrap it up. I woke up cold, but I've survived, we packed up, ate breakfast, cleaned up, and then went home. All things considered, it was a pretty good way to spend part of my Christmas break.

I got a knife and clay and a shirt and pants and 2 games and snow pants and a sweater and pajamas and a watch for Christmas. My name is Tilmann. My birthday is December 31.

Cattle Feeding

It's the day after Christmas, and I (me, the worn out Mom) have escaped the noisy household & headed for the hills. I'm riding in the feed truck with Aaron, and of course the dog, who thinks my seat is his.(perhaps it is?) The snow is about all melted, we had 10 inches on the 22nd, now it's mostly mud, but 'slip-sliding, sinking' kind of mud...extra fun in a heavy truck, but hey, I'm not driving! Aaron feeds silage, which the cows are eating. The younger calves, who are 1 to 4 weeks old, just run around & play reindeer games. I find cattle fascinating, Aaron on the other hand finds them to be a pain in the neck.

Well, since no one else has posted anything, I thought that I would. Actually, I think I'll just post some pictures from Christmas eve and day, and then briefly comment on them.

This photo to the left was taken on Christmas eve. Busy ol' Mom is cutting pears for a fruit platter. Obviously, she isn't paying attention to me, but I think she is laughing/smiling/talking to someone beside her. I must say that I really like this picture. The three pieces of pear, the weird swirly shirt, the smiling profile, the curly up-do...yes, it all adds up to a decent picture. The only problem is you would never know it was from Christmas.

Well, how about this little gingerbread man? He at least reminds me of Christmas. We made a whole mess a gingerbread men, and then gave them away as Christmas gifts. I frosted most of them, including this one, but Taft and Tilmann helped out too. By the way, the silver buttons are not edible. They are just made out of sugar and are for decorating food.