Tilmann's Christmas branch

Drey, Taft, and I went on our church youth group snow trip yesterday. We left around noon and came back this morning. Because we went a month early this year, there was only a few inches of snow, and we brought four-wheelers instead of snowmobiles. I didn't take very many pictures, and the ones I did take I don't like very much. Except this one of Drey:**On second though, I decided I'd show some more pictures.**

There wasn't much snow, but it was still really cold:Heidi and her friend Jacklyn:

Mom, Tavin, and I braved the crowds on Friday to fill our trunk with steals & deals!

Today, Drey, Tavin, and Tilmann decided it would be fun to shoot each other with rubber bands.
Here is Drey trying Tilmann's rubber band gun out on Tavin: Because only Tilmann has a gun, Tavin had to attack with fingers:He loads, aims, and.....VICTORY!Tavin was losing, so he and Drey made a box shield:
In the end, both Tilmann and Tavin got really put out. I guess they don't understand that people get hurt when they fight:


It's a glorious day! After taking the ACT five times, I finally got the score I needed.

I GOT A 34!!!!!!!!

This mean that I get four years paid tuition at BYU! AUGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Life is sweet.

I found out my score online at school, so I called Dad and told him, and he told Mom (who was in town), and she got me a balloon! Sweet!Also, I got my free complimentary photo from school today (and I think my balloon picture is better):

Drey was able to get a Deer Tag this year! Ya-Hoo!! At least it was pure excitement for him. The first day he went out with his cousins, Lance & Jared, as they headed up towards the south hills, they found snow, about 8 inches of it. Lots of deer....but not much on the lines of bucks. Drey is also new at using a bigger gun. The next day he went with his cousin Lance & brother Taft....the next day it was with Grandpa and cousin Jared. Wondering where his father was? He was off with Tearsa for 3 days to Utah.

Anyhow, here is the prize deer. It was a mess by the time they brought it over to the shop, and dark outside.....but we choose the 'less amount of blood' photos. I'm posting this for history sake. This was very important to the 'menfolk' in our household. Yes, we have been eating deer meat, any recipes would be helpful too.

CSI Bazaar

Last weekend I did the bazaar at the local college. This is a picture of my booth that I shared with a friend. I sold jams, jellies, primitive dolls, purses/bags, and batches & batches of rice crispy treats.

...until my birthday! Yep, December 1st is the big 1-8!
I don't think I have any "birthday" pictures of me, so here is a photo Mom took a few days ago:(Sorry for the lame-ish posts recently. If you want something better, convince my mom that she has time to blog more often.)