If you like blood...

Drey was able to get a Deer Tag this year! Ya-Hoo!! At least it was pure excitement for him. The first day he went out with his cousins, Lance & Jared, as they headed up towards the south hills, they found snow, about 8 inches of it. Lots of deer....but not much on the lines of bucks. Drey is also new at using a bigger gun. The next day he went with his cousin Lance & brother Taft....the next day it was with Grandpa and cousin Jared. Wondering where his father was? He was off with Tearsa for 3 days to Utah.

Anyhow, here is the prize deer. It was a mess by the time they brought it over to the shop, and dark outside.....but we choose the 'less amount of blood' photos. I'm posting this for history sake. This was very important to the 'menfolk' in our household. Yes, we have been eating deer meat, any recipes would be helpful too.