It's a glorious day! After taking the ACT five times, I finally got the score I needed.

I GOT A 34!!!!!!!!

This mean that I get four years paid tuition at BYU! AUGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Life is sweet.

I found out my score online at school, so I called Dad and told him, and he told Mom (who was in town), and she got me a balloon! Sweet!Also, I got my free complimentary photo from school today (and I think my balloon picture is better):


  1. Anonymous said...

    That is so ABSOLUTELY great!
    A FULL scholarship for BYU - wow!

    I have always known that you are very smart - and I guess this just proves it!

    Wishing YOU the BEST!

    Loved your balloon picture too!

    HAPPY BYU! Love you Grandmother Joyce  

  2. Greg and Gwen said...

    Congratulations Tearsa!!!! That is so great! Speaking from experience, you will LOVE BYU! But I think Greg and I would have loved it even more if we had had free tuition :) Way to Go!!!!!