Rubber Band War!

Today, Drey, Tavin, and Tilmann decided it would be fun to shoot each other with rubber bands.
Here is Drey trying Tilmann's rubber band gun out on Tavin: Because only Tilmann has a gun, Tavin had to attack with fingers:He loads, aims, and.....VICTORY!Tavin was losing, so he and Drey made a box shield:
In the end, both Tilmann and Tavin got really put out. I guess they don't understand that people get hurt when they fight:


  1. Anonymous said...

    Well - it LOOKS like fun.....
    But - I always disliked it when I got shot with a rubber band! Yep - I also had brothers - two of them in fact!

    The pictures were a riot - thanks for posting them! j  

  2. Semele said...

    Well written article.