Last night, around the dinner hour, Aaron calls and says he's down at Wyatt's corner, that there has been an accident with a semi truck. That is a sharp corner, a couple miles down the road from us- this is all the farms land. Anyhow I hop in the car, with 4 boys of course to check on things....and then went back for my camera!
First off I'd like to report, that amazingly enough the man lived through this accident, crawled out of the cab by himself. We know he had a broken leg, & was taken off in an ambulance....Aaron saw him. I am not sure what really happened, but I think he might have been not paying attention, like distracted with a map- and all of a sudden the corner was there. He had loaded up the bailing twine boxes in a near by town, and was headed to California. The twine boxes were on pallets, loaded on the flat bed.
I like this photo because it shows the BIG tow truck that came out to deal with the problem. Anyhow things didn't work from this direction, a cable either slipped or broke and went flying, thankfully not hitting anyone. They ended up closing down the road for a while, and had the tow truck across the road in the field, dealing with a better angle.

You couldn't just go home, but had to wait and watch. The twine boxes came in handy. In the foreground is Wyatt (brother) & Aaron, Tavin is in orange, then Tommy(father) & Drey...Taft & Tilmann are sitting. These boxes of twine are scattered quite a distance.

This is the truck, and a new one too- it still had plastic on the seats. I took quite a few photos. The local firecrew wanted to know if they could get a few pictures. I did better than that. I had Tearsa put them all on a disc- and brought it back to them before they left! I also had a disc made for the man who was in the accident....maybe he might have a bit of wondering what went on, or perhaps want to talk about the wreak with family....or the insurance...but I'm sure he's wondering about the stranger in Idaho.
The firemen left, and Aaron and the boys were asked if they wanted to help.(they would get paid well) I took Tilmann home and put him to bed (which he didn't want to do, but honestly he was too little)...and made cookies. Another truck came, and everything had to go back into it-which is quite a lot of tonage. It's dark by now, with 13 people working up sweats. I head back with a water cooler & cookies...and to watch. The boxes are 24 pounds each. There is a ground crew lifting onto the back of the truck, and a inside crew that carries them to the back of the trailer truck and stack. Everyone is working like a mad dog, with speed...with assembly lines. They finished around 11:00 p.m...and school comes early. This morning they were zombies, it was also the day that Taft was going skiing with the school, so he needed to be at school rest for the weary. The tow truck owner, who was in charge was so impressed on how hard the boys worked. I was too. I spent a couple hours this morning cleaning up the remaining trash. Most of it they loaded in the truck (I'd hate to unload it!) but in the dark, they missed a bunch. It was just an amazing experience to watch and be part of this event, grateful that they let us do more than just sit and watch. Tilmann is taking pictures to school tomorrow for 'show and tell'.

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FOOD blog!

Our Food blog is now up and running! We're aiming for a new recipe every day, and I think we can do it! So it is definitely something you should check daily! The site is:, or you can always click on the new link on the sidebar to the right! Enjoy! Be excited! We are!!! {photo courtesy of Tilmann}

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On March 17th Tearsa competed in a Poetry Contest. There were only twelve schools that were chosen to attend from around the state (not sure how Filer got in, but happy that they did!) And only one student from each school to compete. The winner from this competition would be flying to Washington D.C. as a representative of Idaho, as there would be a representative from each of the 50 states there.

This is not just memorizing the poems. They are recited with proper pauses, slight gestures, voice's an art! The poems that Tearsa chose and presented are:

"She Walks in Beauty" by George Gordon, Lord Byron
"Dream Song 14" by John Berryman
"Forgetfulness" by Billy Collins
The winner was the 5th one from the left.
The whole thing was amazing to me (not to Tearsa), just by watching these performances. Tearsa did perfectly. With elegance and beauty. I was so proud of her. Tearsa came in 6th place, but I would still put her first. She did get a rose, a plaque, and two poetry books. I'm hoping she will do this next year. The school put us up for the night in a wonderful hotel.
The performance was done in the auditorium of the beautiful Boise High School.

Recipe Blog

We're creating another blog! Soon we will have a new blog just for food, and we will be posting our recipes as soon we make and photograph the food. We'll update you when we're ready for visitors!

The Fourth Graders rewarded the whole school yesterday with their talents! I love attending these concerts, the recorder can sound wonderful. I found the invitation that Tavin wrote out delightful.

There are only Ten 4th graders in the school. All are in attendance (L-R, Top-bottom): Michael, Alfonso, Thomas, Tavin, Kaden, Raquel, Flavio, Jacob, Daisy & Tony.

Their music teacher, Mr Sweet makes music fun...he is so involved! He is either showing finger-placements of the notes (notice his hands) or mouthing the letters of the notes (he looks like he is singing, but he isn't) I had wondered how in the world these kids could learn so many songs by heart...and now you know! Some of the songs were even the ones Tearsa played in her 4th grade concert.


This blog has been viewed 1000 different times! Hooray! (By the way, I hope everyone loves the picture of me staring down at them, at the top :-)


We are undertaking the gigantic project of the year: photographing and computerizing all of Janice's recipes! Here are a few shots of the first things I've photographed:

...felt like summer, but if you'll notice the colour of the grass...well, I don't think we've quite made it to summer yet (or even spring, for that matter!) Tavin and Tilmann bought the water guns on Saturday and are already working on their tans!Today Tavin, Tilmann, and I went on a two-mile walk. Along the way we stopped at the remains of an old rock house and I had to take some pictures...

Pile of Snow

How to build a BIGGER snowman? We had lots of snow last week, and by Saturday the temperatures were warm, and melting. The boys decided to build. Of course the snow packed well, it was so wet....but when it came to moving those snowballs they weighed a ton. The second snowball was too heavy for the boys to put on the base snowball...I went out to help, but it was more like rolling the snowball onto the other snowball. By the time the third ball was happening, Drey decided to get the pickup truck, and stand on the back tailgate to get it up, since the snowman was already taller than we are. Here is a photo of him placing the head on the snowman....who was at least 8 foot tall! The plan was to build a family, meaning a snowman for each member of our family....but two was all that happened. It was just getting too hot, and melty. As it was they had to haul in snow (shoving it from a snowdrift onto the sled) just to get this far. On the second ball, Aaron was asked to help, which this isn't the best photo, but it shows the finished snowman.

Building a tunnel I think might have been more fun, and yes it is deep enough with a large enough opening that they were all playing in it. I like it when they Work & Play together.

On the other side of the house, Taft & Tavin decided it was important to build a tunnel of snow for the cats. They did it on their path (there seems to be a trail that the dog & cats use to go around the house...just like a cattle trail) and of course the cats use it. It looked like a fort being built with and opening.

Tonight for our family home evening activity everyone made magazine collages. We were supposed to cut out words that caught our eye, arrange them into a sentence, and then add pictures. Some of us followed the instructions, but it really is just supposed to be an expression of ourselves, so I guess there can't be too many set rules. Here's the group picture, and below are the individuals.
Tell us what you think!
Tavin again (he made two)

More in a Day

About every day this week we've had snow! Yesterday we had the most, which there is about 5 inches now in the yard. But then in Idaho a little bit of snow can go a long ways....meaning drifting, there are some areas that have 10-12 inches from snow drifts. January was a dry month, which the remark of the first day of March being that we've had more snow in a day then in a month. As farmers we are worried about the moisture for the summer, for it isn't here yet. It's not super cold, it sits around freezing, then that darn sun keeps popping out. But it's beautiful,and I hope doesn't melt too soon, notice the cat? For those who haven't seen the house before, we added on the two story section about 5 years ago.

Taft's Cast Off!

Taft, after 3 weeks was able to have his cast taken off. We learned that with most breaks, the cast is left on for 6 weeks. In the hand, (if they can) it is better to have it on for 3 weeks, then a brace for a month. The problem is that you lose mobility in your hand, so Taft is to be doing finger/thumb exercises daily.

Taft was completely enthralled with the cast saw, afterwards even asking questions. We found out that the blade doesn't go around like a normal saw blade, that it vibrates quickly without spinning to cut through the cast...but not through the cotton insides. Also that there isn't anyway that the blade can cut into his arm, that it will only cut the thickness of a cast. But just look how sharp it appears!
Another x-ray (we've had them weekly). This one you can see the 'bow' in his lower thumb area. He told me that he would have this (unless they pinned his hand) but he would have full function, but it would be somewhat noticeable if you compared his two thumbs with each other. Yesterday he pointed out that his 'bow' has already been straightening itself out some- which it doesn't normally do at this stage of the game. On the 'bow' shape you can see a triangle piece that is missing, that is where the break is. The Doctor said it would fill in with new bone. On the bottom side of the triangle it is a bit more shadowy, is where new bone is already growing. (easier to see on my larger photo). All is healing well.

Here Taft is with Dr. Wright, (good thing, since he broke his right hand instead of his left) He will have this brace on for the next month. Tearsa told him the other night that his cast looks looser-that he is losing muscle in his arm, so it's not fitting as well. I wonder how, since even with a cast he is out using the shovel digging holes. (The cast by the way was looking ready to come off!) But she was right, when we compared his two arms/hands together, the broken one does look thinner & the wrong color too. I am sure this will correct itself soon. Taft by the way doesn't like the brace 'it doesn't feel right, my thumb is too close to my fingers now".

Just thought I would point out that on these cold nights I have been working on sewin' dolls. Yes, they are fat bodied, skinny legged items. I'll post another photo when they are finished. But I kind of liked seeing progress, piled up!