The Fourth Graders rewarded the whole school yesterday with their talents! I love attending these concerts, the recorder can sound wonderful. I found the invitation that Tavin wrote out delightful.

There are only Ten 4th graders in the school. All are in attendance (L-R, Top-bottom): Michael, Alfonso, Thomas, Tavin, Kaden, Raquel, Flavio, Jacob, Daisy & Tony.

Their music teacher, Mr Sweet makes music fun...he is so involved! He is either showing finger-placements of the notes (notice his hands) or mouthing the letters of the notes (he looks like he is singing, but he isn't) I had wondered how in the world these kids could learn so many songs by heart...and now you know! Some of the songs were even the ones Tearsa played in her 4th grade concert.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Good Job Tavin. That's neat that you get to have concerts. You will have to teach Lydia some songs on her recorder.
    *p.s. Where is the library at the school now? Is that the old cafeteria and stage I'm seeing? It's obviously been a long time since my elementary school days when it was in that little room off of the cafeteria.

  2. Grandmother B said...

    Good job Tavin! I enjoyed your pictures - your invitation and that LONG list of songs that you played. Will you play for me when I arrive the end of May?

    Love you Grandmother B