Pile of Snow

How to build a BIGGER snowman? We had lots of snow last week, and by Saturday the temperatures were warm, and melting. The boys decided to build. Of course the snow packed well, it was so wet....but when it came to moving those snowballs they weighed a ton. The second snowball was too heavy for the boys to put on the base snowball...I went out to help, but it was more like rolling the snowball onto the other snowball. By the time the third ball was happening, Drey decided to get the pickup truck, and stand on the back tailgate to get it up, since the snowman was already taller than we are. Here is a photo of him placing the head on the snowman....who was at least 8 foot tall! The plan was to build a family, meaning a snowman for each member of our family....but two was all that happened. It was just getting too hot, and melty. As it was they had to haul in snow (shoving it from a snowdrift onto the sled) just to get this far. On the second ball, Aaron was asked to help, which this isn't the best photo, but it shows the finished snowman.

Building a tunnel I think might have been more fun, and yes it is deep enough with a large enough opening that they were all playing in it. I like it when they Work & Play together.

On the other side of the house, Taft & Tavin decided it was important to build a tunnel of snow for the cats. They did it on their path (there seems to be a trail that the dog & cats use to go around the house...just like a cattle trail) and of course the cats use it. It looked like a fort being built with and opening.