Taft's Cast Off!

Taft, after 3 weeks was able to have his cast taken off. We learned that with most breaks, the cast is left on for 6 weeks. In the hand, (if they can) it is better to have it on for 3 weeks, then a brace for a month. The problem is that you lose mobility in your hand, so Taft is to be doing finger/thumb exercises daily.

Taft was completely enthralled with the cast saw, afterwards even asking questions. We found out that the blade doesn't go around like a normal saw blade, that it vibrates quickly without spinning to cut through the cast...but not through the cotton insides. Also that there isn't anyway that the blade can cut into his arm, that it will only cut the thickness of a cast. But just look how sharp it appears!
Another x-ray (we've had them weekly). This one you can see the 'bow' in his lower thumb area. He told me that he would have this (unless they pinned his hand) but he would have full function, but it would be somewhat noticeable if you compared his two thumbs with each other. Yesterday he pointed out that his 'bow' has already been straightening itself out some- which it doesn't normally do at this stage of the game. On the 'bow' shape you can see a triangle piece that is missing, that is where the break is. The Doctor said it would fill in with new bone. On the bottom side of the triangle it is a bit more shadowy, is where new bone is already growing. (easier to see on my larger photo). All is healing well.

Here Taft is with Dr. Wright, (good thing, since he broke his right hand instead of his left) He will have this brace on for the next month. Tearsa told him the other night that his cast looks looser-that he is losing muscle in his arm, so it's not fitting as well. I wonder how, since even with a cast he is out using the shovel digging holes. (The cast by the way was looking ready to come off!) But she was right, when we compared his two arms/hands together, the broken one does look thinner & the wrong color too. I am sure this will correct itself soon. Taft by the way doesn't like the brace 'it doesn't feel right, my thumb is too close to my fingers now".