On March 17th Tearsa competed in a Poetry Contest. There were only twelve schools that were chosen to attend from around the state (not sure how Filer got in, but happy that they did!) And only one student from each school to compete. The winner from this competition would be flying to Washington D.C. as a representative of Idaho, as there would be a representative from each of the 50 states there.

This is not just memorizing the poems. They are recited with proper pauses, slight gestures, voice fluctuations...it's an art! The poems that Tearsa chose and presented are:

"She Walks in Beauty" by George Gordon, Lord Byron
"Dream Song 14" by John Berryman
"Forgetfulness" by Billy Collins
The winner was the 5th one from the left.
The whole thing was amazing to me (not to Tearsa), just by watching these performances. Tearsa did perfectly. With elegance and beauty. I was so proud of her. Tearsa came in 6th place, but I would still put her first. She did get a rose, a plaque, and two poetry books. I'm hoping she will do this next year. The school put us up for the night in a wonderful hotel.
The performance was done in the auditorium of the beautiful Boise High School.


  1. Emily Nussbaum said...

    the girl standing next you.. is my good friend Marilla!
    I didn't realize she was doing it as well..
    how cool :]