FOOD blog!

Our Food blog is now up and running! We're aiming for a new recipe every day, and I think we can do it! So it is definitely something you should check daily! The site is:, or you can always click on the new link on the sidebar to the right! Enjoy! Be excited! We are!!! {photo courtesy of Tilmann}

P.S. Even if you don't want to check out new recipes, please just look at my recipe blog so I will feel loved. Visit it for the pictures, if nothing else...


  1. Grandmother B said...

    Another yummm receipe on the food blog. Thanks - at least I can drool - and perhaps down the road make it. Sounds great!

    I put the Food blog- receipes on my favorite lists - and am delighted that I could do that!

    Thanks for these sites - love them.

    Grandmother B  

  2. Brandon and Brittany said...

    Hi, you don't know me, but I found your blog through my friend Gwen Andersen (Who I believe is a neice)and would like to tell you I am a fan of your food blog. Great idea! Also, the photography is amazing. You (or your daughter) has an incredible talent. By the way, this is a random question, how do you get your title on both your blogs to look so awesome! (I am a computer nitwit) I would love to know your trick. Thanks for letting me enjoy your blog.