Swirly Christmas Eve

Well, since no one else has posted anything, I thought that I would. Actually, I think I'll just post some pictures from Christmas eve and day, and then briefly comment on them.

This photo to the left was taken on Christmas eve. Busy ol' Mom is cutting pears for a fruit platter. Obviously, she isn't paying attention to me, but I think she is laughing/smiling/talking to someone beside her. I must say that I really like this picture. The three pieces of pear, the weird swirly shirt, the smiling profile, the curly up-do...yes, it all adds up to a decent picture. The only problem is you would never know it was from Christmas.

Well, how about this little gingerbread man? He at least reminds me of Christmas. We made a whole mess a gingerbread men, and then gave them away as Christmas gifts. I frosted most of them, including this one, but Taft and Tilmann helped out too. By the way, the silver buttons are not edible. They are just made out of sugar and are for decorating food.