Janice probably didn't make it real obvious last winter but she was pretty much a widow and this is why. I started building one of these machines in November and then had the opportunity to buy another truck in December. That meant that my winter project of building a stacker turned into a marathon of building two. The first one was out of the shop in February and the second one needed to be finished by the middle of May. Fortunately, summer came late because I didn't have either one ready to go until June. I could bore you with lots of details about the building process and how they work but will refrain. The pictures kind of explain how they work and if anyone really cares about knowing more, you know where I am. Drey & Taft have both learned how to operate them and we're getting close to the point where they can just go out and do a job on their own. Incidentally, both machines have worked exceptionally well so far.