Heifer Breeding

Aaron & his father, Tommy, have been working the last couple of weeks with artificially breeding the heifers by our house. This is the first year that they haven't worked with AI with ALL the cattle, meaning the cows too. But Tommy has had a few surgeries on his shoulder, and still has problems....so this year they are letting the bulls out. (who let the bulls out?)
Aaron holding the dirty heifer's tail, to keep it from hitting his father, while he works with breeding the heifer. The heifers are pinned in the corral next to our house. Each year we keep about 200 heifers for cattle replacements. I am always humored to see the 'king of the hill'.

This is our cat Peanut Butter. He is over by the small part of the water trough, taking a drink. The water troughs have had some problems this last week, due to the temperature near 0 degrees. Aaron has been working with breaking ice, notice in the following photo the thick chunks of ice on the ground. (the cement form is the trough)