Day Dreamin' Anniversary

January 11th, Thursday we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary! But first we had to make it through the day!

Tearsa called a bit after 8:00 in the morning, I was grateful that I gave her my cell phone that morning! She was taking Taft to school (Tearsa & Drey didn't have school that day) on her way to work, and two miles before Filer, they ran out of gas. Sure they knew they were low on gas, but one does think they can make it to the next gas station. Anyhow I was in the bath, with junk on my hair, so I tell her to call dad. He's outside anyway (it's been cold here, 3 degrees isn't a way to start a day, from the bath with wet hair!) I call and double check making sure he got her phone call, and sink deeper in the tub.

Meanwhile it's been 25 minutes, I'm dressed and moving, and in walks Aaron. Now I know it hasn't been enough time to get to Tearsa and back, so it only means he hasn't left yet. He's looking for his wallet, since there isn't any gas in the tank here at the house to bring her, so he's headed to Hollister to buy gas. I call up Tearsa's boss to let him know she is late due to running out of gas (I didn't think she had his number) and he says, we'll go get her, we're closer, and have a gas can ready. I call back Aaron to let him know (thank goodness for cell phones) and ask why he detained.

They are A.I. breeding heifers here at the house, so Aaron & his dad (Tommy) were out watching them. A couple of the heifers (that's the name of a cow before she's had a calf) start on the run, and one of them slips, hits her head, and is laying in the manger (not a cosy place for cows to sleep, but a place where they eat from). They think she's dead! Tommy is trying to find a knife sharp enough to cut her throat.....while yelling at Aaron, "have her eyes glossed over yet?". I gathered that is the last sign. Anyhow, there are cables next to the manger, kind of working as a fence, and Aaron & Tommy are trying to get this heifer out of the manger and out of the way as they are trying to save her meat! But her eyes haven't glossed over.....and they don't have a sharp enough knife! All of a sudden the heifer comes back to life! I'm sure she's feeling lucky....with some kind of headache! O.K. all this happens after Tearsa had called.

p.s. By the way, a cow got out on Saturday, and was hit out front of our house by a pickup. Aaron said the cow was hit in the nose, and went off running, but the pickups front fender & light was damaged...darn I missed the action!

Tearsa continues the 'day dreamin day' by going to the orthodontist in the afternoon. She had braces, left now with a retainer....which was mis-shaped by being her her pants pocket which was stepped on. Our hopes is that the retainer can just be reformed, she has the plaster mold of her mouth. But not the case....and $150.00 later she has a sparkling new retainer.

Aaron & I did make it out for dinner that night, our favorite place, Chinese food....which afterwards I went with him to a meeting....but at least it wasn't too long. We also stopped off at the store for a new toilet seat & scraper for the stove top. As we are leaving the hardware store, he asked which anniversary gift is mine, and which is his...he got the toilet seat. I did get roses from him earlier in the week! But it was a day...but not the kind one day dreams about!


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    Lady, I think you are crazy.