Yesterday Taft & Drey went skiing with their cousin Carrie (sister to Gwen, see above article) up to Pomerelle. (Magic Mountain, which is where they went a couple weeks ago is closer & costs less) Anyhow it is about a 90 min. drive, and cost Taft $19.00 for the day, but for Drey $30.00 for the day to ski...due to their height difference! (& age) Drey by the way has grown leaps & bonds this year, and is taller than his dad! Report on the day was that it was cold -5. Their favorite runs here are: Yahoo!...which has bumps which make one cry out "YaHoo!" and Punch Bowl...which is steep, and has lots of powder snow in it.

It's great that their cousin loves to ski and wants their companionship! She drives our car & everyone has a great day...except for those two younger boys who think they need to go too!


  1. Courtney said...

    hey guys nice pic.