Tearsa, at three years old, learning to button her sweater. Cute enough photo, odd tablecloth in background (elephant legs & trunks) But I am posting this photo of her youth, for it reminded me of another photo I took yesterday! Tearsa was dressed up, and I took a few standard poses, but oddly took this one and liked it. Notice the fence, kind of reminds you of the legged tablecloth? Same girl, 14 years later.
By the way, last week she was in a Business Professionals of America competition, which her administrative support team of four girls won first place...which means she will be going to state.


  1. Anonymous said...


    This is such a good picture of you! You are beautiful!!

    Love, Auntie Carole  

  2. Courtney said...

    Tearsa you're killing me that is so funny, but both pictures are really cute!!!!