Trap Shootin' with Drey

Saturday was the last day of the Trap Shoots, which are held in Hollister as a fund raiser for the boy scouts.

Drey won 5 of the shoots he was in, even with the nasty wind.

Two kid shoots, he was able to shoot 5 out of 5 clay birds. The buddy shoot with an adult, the kid shoots first, he shot 9 out of the buddy only had to shoot & hit once. Then he did a buddy shoot as an adult, with an adult, and backed up his buddy who missed twice. This round they even had a shoot off. He also did an Annie Oakley, which is an elimination game, and won without going out once.

By the way, his buddy, or adult wasn't his dad, but someone that they just met at the shoot. Taft will often help with loading and releasing the clay birds. Here is a photo with all his pork prizes...and is he happy!


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    Way to go Drey! I'm very impressed!!!!  

  2. Greg and Gwen said...

    p.s. I need Tearsa to show me how to personalize my header the way she did yours. I really like it a lot! See, you guys are already better bloggers than me. I knew you would be great bloggers!