Tilmann's birthday celebration at the school, started off with making masks of Junie B. Jones. Junie B. is book series that his teacher has been reading to the class. So she read, while they colored & cut. I thought I would include a photo with the masks, and one without....notice those cheerful smiles! (honest they liked this project, but someone had said, "hey with a mask we don't even have to smile"...and so they still aren't smiling.) Then they paired up, and played 'war' card games, which is a favorite of Tilmann's. Afterwards, they went fishing for their treats, and a wind-up toy. Tilmann loved helping with the fishing pole.
This all sounds so simple and easy, but I had just spent almost an hour (they stayed in from recess to spend more time with me) with Tavin's forth grade class, as a room mother. The last day of school was canceled, due to snow & I was to be their Christmas room mother. Those original room mother plans had changed (who wants to make a Christmas craft after the holidays and we already ate the treats) so instead we played cards. I decided kids don't play card games any more (I played lots with my grandmother & brothers) so I'm teaching them games, like Crazy 8, War & we even played Spoons. But it was more difficult than planned, lots of these kids had no clue what a spade or a club was (spade would often be used as a heart, since they sort of look alike!) and there was plenty of noise! They each got to take home a deck of cards (bought some jumbo decks at Target on clearance for .25) and a paper with how to play those games, in case they forgot the rules. I soon remembered after that short time that I never wanted to be a teacher! P.S. this is a small school with less than 80 students, celebrations can still happen.


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    Love all your pictures and stories!Great job. Love, Renee