Tubing Tornados

Tilmann, Tavin & Taft went 'Tubing' with their Cousin Carrie on Saturday. This is up by Magic Mountain, near the ski area. How was it? DANGEROUS! Oh sure they had a grand time.....but Tilmann got a bloody nose, from wreaking....Taft injured his hand, from wreaking, Cousin Carrie injured her finger, from wreaking and Tavin he had aches and pains for days, from wreaking. Taft says "Tavin was insane, he'd just go over those high jumps like nothing". Tilmann said, "Next time I think we need to bring some Tylenol with us", I'm thinking they are hurting! Yet they loved it, Tilmann begging to go up again next weekend! I sent the camera with Cousin Carrie,(she needs to have one of the boys take a photo of her!) and it sure looks beautiful up there. I like the 'action' shot of Tilmann flying in the air.


  1. Courtney said...

    man Tilmann Got some major air!!!