Ear Drumming

(Friday the 9th) Poor Tilmann, he's at the doctor's office. He now weighs 59 pounds and is 4 foot and 3/4 inches tall, 7 years old. We are here because he was up and down all night long crying about his ear. Motrin is wonderful, but it sure didn't help enough! Come morning he was feeling much better, but complained about his ear 'sweating'. His ear was draining alright. I called the office just as early as the operators would answer for an appointment (8:00)....the first one (and not even with our doctor, but any doctor) wasn't until 3:45. Which meant that I could go to Tavin's basketball game (see below post) but was cutting it close on getting to the Progressive Dinner on time (see below post). The verdict on his ear? Well, I just expected to hear that he had an ear infection....well he had that, but it had enough pressure that it RUPTURED HIS EAR DRUM! Of course, that is why it is draining...and still draining for the last two days! So what does this mean? It means we hope that the ear drum broke down low, for there would be less damage to his hearing, from less scar tissue. What can we do now? Not much, but let it heal on it's own.(& pills to clear the infection) I've had kids with ear problems before, Drey went through two sets of ear tubes, but I've never had a ruptured ear drum. There wasn't even warning that an infection was developing- he doesn't have a cold, no cough or snotty nose. You know how you've heard over and over, "turn down that music, you want to break your ear drums?" well there are other ways. Now we are just praying for his ear not to have damage. What a medical week!