Progressive Dinner

On Friday, the 9th- yes, the same day as the other three posts events were happening....I was in charge of a Progressive Dinner for our church. We had three stops (thankfully none at my home) and it was a great event! It is a lot of fun to be hopping around to people's home, and eating! And more entertaining, since at each stop you'd sit with a different group of people. At this house, the main course, they have a lovely log cabin type home. (the Bracketts) Here everyone is around the large living room, (too big to fit in to one photo) but I decided to post this photo, so you can see the walls, and Aaron is at the far left.


  1. Patti Raye Miller said...

    This looked like a lot of fun, when I lived in Puyallup we did this a lot and I was just a kid, our branch was pretty small back then but the memories still linger on. I'm really enjoying your family blog, you are all doing such great things, I enjoyed reading Aaron's comments and Tearsa's, well heck I enjoyed reading it all.
    Patti Raye