Agri-Action happened this weekend, our annual event which is at the college expo center. Agriculture dealers are in vendor booths, and there are rows of them. And as you can see, the kids get a bag, and start gathering up 'stuff' from their booths. Mostly pens & pencils, and candy. Most of them also have peanuts, in a shell. Perhaps its a 'farmer thing' to shell peanuts and chat. It also means boats appear in our bathroom sink! (half a peanut shell sitting in water). They also haul in huge equipment, I should point out how nice and clean it is too, (but when they cost more than a house, it's smart to keep it clean.) The boys love it....and normally don't bother the equipment until they find themselves waiting on their dad. Tilmann informed me that "dad has too many friends"....which seems to be true, since he is always talking with someone.