Winter in the Woods

You guess it! Here is the other photo that I said a few post back would be in the newspaper. Only this time, my picture is HUGE! Even the article title is referring to my picture (the other four pictures in the article didn't really have much to do with 'woods'). Here is what the article says (for anyone who would care to read it):

You saw some of our favorites last week in Country Roads. Today--with our thanks to all who submitted entries--we present more of our readers' best winter photography. Times-News Chief Photographer Ashley Smith, who helped choose today's photos, was struck by the texture and lines in Tearsa Williams' sunburst picture.
"It's just a nice winter shot," Smith said.
Okay, now the article doesn't have anything to do with me, so I won't bother typing the rest of it.
Here is what the caption says:
On a church youth trip, 17-year-old Tearsa Williams of Twin Falls took this photo in December at the South Hills' Diamondfield Jack area. 'I took a few pictures as I was walking,' she says, 'and when I saw this clump of trees covered in snow with the sun shining through, I thought "Oh, perfect!" She made the shot in color, then opted for black and white. 'The sun doesn't look as harsh this way, and I think it gives it an old-fashioned feeling of winter in the woods.'
Notice that the last four words are the title of the article? Pretty exciting, n'est-ce pas? Well, I'm excited. I think this is the last time they are printing readers' photos. So out of the ten photos printed, two of them were mine. Not bad, not bad.
Here is the original: If you are really terribly interested in this whole thing, you can go to the Times News website and read the whole article and see the other pictures.


  1. Anonymous said...

    What a GREAT picture!
    The different textures- light - dark - snow - trees & sun make it wonderful to see.

    So - are you doing a scrapbook & putting this in it?

    I REALLY like YOUR blog (& your family). It is Great to read the news & see these SUPER shots! Thanks thanks thanks j