Yesterday Taft was able to have more x-rays taken of his hand. (Yes, the above photo is of the fancy x-ray machine, and yes, that was the first pose he had to hold his hand in) The cast has been on for one week. The Doctor said that because the swelling has gone down, there is a chance that the bone can do some shifting inside the cast. He will also be taking weekly x-rays because he has broken the bone all the way across, which is another reason why it could shift.
The second photo is of the computer screen with the three new x-rays on it. Notice on the top of the screen there is small boxes with pictures, those are the first x-rays from last week, so he can bring them down- comparing the old/new. The middle x-ray is the easiest to see the break. This photo is small, but if you look at his thumb, and go down to the third section, follow the outside line, and you might see the part where it bows out a bit, and a line across it.(the break) Taft is doing fine, and learned a new way to hold his pencil. His cast is already having chipping problems, and looking a bit dirty.....but thank heavens its not 100 degrees out, for maybe by this point it might be smelling!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Yes - I could see the break. I am glad that he is getting his cast changed weekly. That is what my foot doctor Dr. Don Floyd did after my achilles surgery.

    I asked him why he changed it weekly. He informed me that he could better see an infection - and take care of any problems IMMEDIATELY - rather than waiting 2 - 3 - of 4 weeks.

    Thanks so much for the photos....
    Love you m  

  2. Greg and Gwen said...

    I'm glad you are doing ok Taft! I've never had a cast before...what do you do if your hand starts to itch?????:)