I'm in the paper!

A few weeks ago, the paper published an article about winter in this area, and then invited readers to send in their photos, sort of like a prizeless contest. Aunt Carole convinced me to submit a few, and guess what? They chose two of my pictures! On Tuesday, the newspaper published one of my pictures along with four other pictures. The article says that next week they will publish another five photos. I guess my other photo will be in that round.
is the picture and caption: If you can't read the caption here it is:

The South Hills form a backdrop for this November photograph by 17-year-old Tearsa Williams of Twin Falls, depicting a cornfield across from her house. 'The repetition of the stalks and the straightness of the rows inspired me,' Williams said. 'I love the optical effect in the middle of the photo, where the row becomes smaller the farther away it is. I took this picture around 4:30 in the afternoon so there would be lots of shadows from the stalks.'
Here is what the article said about my picture (basically just what I said in the above caption):Here is the actual picture (it looks better this way, rather than in the newspaper):By the way, did everyone notice the lovely changes to the blog, like the gorgeous header?!? I must say that I am very proud of it. I got the basic picture from a magazine advertisement, and subtracted the unwanted information, and then added my own touches. If anyone wants to comment on it, well, then you are more than welcome! ;-)


  1. Anonymous said...

    Wow, congratulations Tearsa! I hadn't read the paper all week so just went and pulled Tuesday's paper out of the pile. Very nice pic!

    And nice job on the header! I love those pictures too, especially the one of your dad!  

  2. The Greenes said...

    Oops, accidentally hit Return before signing off my last message. That was Diane, Chris, Ben and Joey saying congratulations!  

  3. Patti Raye Miller said...

    Hey Tearsa, you are becoming quite the celebrity, great pictures, the black and white I really enjoyed also, great job on the new design, you are good girl.
    Congratulations on a job well done, send next weeks photo, I really enjoy reading and seeing your web site  

  4. Anonymous said...

    Tearsa, you really do good work. I enjoy the new header as well as your picture in the paper. To bad they didn't put the whole thing in the paper. Thanks for the cookies. They were much appreciated and tasted very good too.  

  5. Greg and Gwen said...

    this really is a neat picture...great job!  

  6. Lynda Glassmoyer said...

    Great pictures, Tearsa; I especially liked the lines & shadows of the cornfield - quite dramatic. Congratulations on your publication!