Basketball Tavin

Tavin's Principal (who is also the 3rd grade teacher) has decided to teach the 4th & 5th graders how to play basketball. He does so starting in January, 3 days a week, during the lunch recess. Starting in February they have games every Friday for the last half hour of the day. (6 games)Which the whole school turns out, (that number is up to 71 students) and sits in the wooden bleachers. They sell popcorn, inviting parents to join in the festivities. It's great fun! And it's surprising how competitive the game actually is! The above photo isn't the best, but that is Tavin in the camouflage pants. (yes, and a girl in a skirt!) There is 3 teams, and they each have their own colored shirt. This game Tavin made 4 baskets Ya-Hoo! The score was 22 to 23. Tavin's team almost won, but in the last 15 seconds of the game a foul was made, and 2 free shots were allowed...of course it was bad luck that the red team's player made both of those shots.


  1. Greg and Gwen said...

    Way to go Tavin!!! Maybe at the next family party you and greg can play one on one:0)