Sorry, no photo for this post....Aaron didn't think it was a good idea to have a photo anyway.

Taft shot himself a Deer! He put in for a draw this year and was able to get a deer tag....and shot his first deer. His cousin Jared was with him helping him. They dreamed up the idea of having Taft get up on the pivot to get a better shot at them....but he might have been better off staying with his cousin at the stack of straw. Jared helped skinned the animal and cut his thumb, getting 5 stitches put in it. This all happened when we had our California relatives down to visit; June & Ken and Sally & Ted. (who should have stayed longer!)

A couple of days later Drey was out with his dad and a few brothers hunting for his Antelope and shot one. I am ever so grateful that the boys have decided to fork over some money and have their wild meat made into jerky. They saved some of it, which Drey and Aaron have been cooking over the grill the last couple of days, which is really good.

By the way, we have LOTS of deer and antelope this year on our property. Nice, well I think so....but it is a different story when you start thinking how your crops are feeding them!

This last weekend Pheasant Season opened. Our friend Dave from Utah came up and spent the weekend with us. Drey with his eagle eye was able to get two birds.

A Huntin' we will go.....