This year I decided to do some concord grape juice like the old timers did- by putting the grapes in the jar. Normally I steam the juice from the grapes in the steam juicer that we have. My mother-in-law has done it this way for years, and honestly, it is more fun! My father-in-law grows plenty of grapes, so I thought we'd try a new method.
Tilmann and I worked on this together. Gathering a cup of grapes for each quart jar. The recipe (in the Ball book) says to add 1/2 -1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of water, boiling it so the sugar is melted, then fill the jars.
Here is the finished product, some grapes floated, some didn't. I think the jars are pretty. To drink the juice, you strain off the grapes. Big change in color from the first photo's grapes.