New Cats

Here is Tilmann with our new extra fuzzy pot-belly kitten. I knew one of the wild cats was pregnant, but we don't normally have kittens in the fall. Apparently she only had one big kitten, who is under our porch. He would dash under the porch when anyone came near it....unless there was tame cats around too, then it would stay out like one of the gang. Tilmann was able to catch it and hold it. Fun....but now that momma has taken it some place else, so we haven't seen him in a few days.
We had a weekend of snow on the ground.....and low and behold another cat showed up. It is about the size of our spring kittens, and coloring like a few others around, so I think it is a kitten from another one of our 'wild' cats. Very pretty with long hair. But now that it has warmed up, I haven't seen it again. Makes you wonder how many cats we actually have on the farm!


  1. Tearsa said...

    augh!!!! more of them????  

  2. Tearsa said...

    this picture of tilmann is so stinkin' cute! i really like it. it's even a good picture photography-wise. you should print it and put it somewhere. at least on the refrigerator or something.