Last weekend was a longer weekend, school being out on Thursday & Friday. The older 2 boys spent Thursday with their father trying to get the hay done before the rain came.

Aaron had heard that they needed help at Camp Bradley, (a scout camp that is up past Sun Valley area) volunteers to work on a new building, a shower and bathroom. He decided it would be a fun weekend....and when he had called ahead finding out that we could stay in a cabin (they have them for the merit badge leaders) and be fed, well he was all for it! Besides his birthday was on it was a good idea to have some fun.This is our cabin #5 which was the largest cabin. I found sleeping together in one room...interesting....the noises, snores & even a sleep-talker. But the hardest thing to get use to was the wood stove! The boys were so sure if they filled it with wood, I mean piled in the wood, that come morning the cabin would still be warm. Problem with that idea is come midnight I'd be awake sweating! (and opening the door) And then the idea that a cabin that has lots of holes and cracks can keep in the heat...nope it didn't work. So come early morning we'd be awaken by the fire builders.
Friday the day was beautiful, warm & sunny. Aaron, Drey & Taft worked on helping put up trusses for the new roof. The younger boys and I went hiking through the woods (actually Taft & Drey were with us some of the time) walking down to the lake and such. The Lodge (above) was where we ate....and ate well! By the way, these aren't photos that I took, I found them on the internet. I am getting so creative without a camera!
Saturday it rained off and on all day. But the pool was freshly cleaned and so very tempting! That is to 3 younger boys. No, we didn't have swimming suits....or even towels! They went swimming in their pants....and shook all the way home to the cabin! The water is warm, some type of hot spring filling it. p.s. the above photo looks like my boys- in action, but it isn't them.
Saturday the group worked long and hard finishing the roof of the shower building.
The mountain tops around us come Saturday morning had snow on them. But the most beautiful part was the fall colors of the trees! Traveling up past Sun Valley to the camp was just perfect timing on our part. We stayed over Saturday night, and had such a great weekend. It was so nice to get away and so some camping!


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