The Acid Smell of Smoke

The acid smell of smoke fills the hazy air of a new morning. The glow on the hillside of late last night, still glows in the dark dusk of the morning......

Monday afternoon Aaron and a couple of the boys head up South, to help with the fire. The fire was in the South Hills, heading up the road a few miles past Nat Soo Pah. There were 6 BLM Fire Trucks there to work, but as usual the one Fire Truck from Hollister did more work than the others...combined. 'Volunteers' vs 'Paid Employees'. Aaron thought they would have the fire under control by that evening, but it wasn't until two days later, burning up "6800 acres in the area 3 miles east of Rogerson". Tuesday morning it didn't matter where you were, there was tons of smoke and the odor of it drifted everywhere. There was quite a haze of it on the horizon that made it hard to figure out where the fire really was at. At school that afternoon (I'm there working in the library) they had a fire drill.....all the kids are lined up outside, and who shows up but a fire truck! It was just a drill, but it sure sparked some intrest!

Now normally fires don't happen this late in the the year, even if everything is real dry. But I thought I would also point out that yesterday was Oct. 1st and it was 91 degrees!

I don't have a working camera, so I thought I could take a photo off of the newspaper....the above photo made the front cover of our daily paper.....somehow I thought it could have been a wee bit better, so I decided to throw in a more dramantic fire shot.