Love those Chickens!

I love chickens! My father was raised on a chicken farm (they sold eggs). I have been begging Aaron for years to get some chickens. Thankfully Drey loves chickens too. So last winter/spring he worked on making a chicken coop, out of an old building, wiring it etc. He bought chicks (yes, his own money) in the spring, and we have all been enjoying them since.

I bought a few odd chicks at the local store (Drey studied and ordered his chicks, I went on how cute they were) so we have a variety. The above photo is a gathering of them, when I bought down the old stuff from the garden. Notice the roaster in the top right? Yes, he is crowing, and they do that all day long....I like it but a minute doesn't go by without them making noise.
This photo has a couple of our odd birds. Drey could tell you the varieties, but I can't. The black one in front really has feathers on its head and looks odd. At first it looked like a stylish hat, now, it has grown to just a 'bad hair day' look. Little Peeps is in the back, he is full grown and half the size of everyone else.
Here is a couple of roasters, the one on the left is beautiful and a favorite variety. That is either Scobby or Elvis, (I can't tell them apart, but Drey can). I love those polka dotted birds, which next spring we are planning on buying some hens of that variety. They are so friendly and make a great pet....but as roasters they are a pain in the neck! The one on the left is much smaller than the average bird, with feathers on his legs.
Here is photo 2 of the two of them fighting. It is something to see them raise their feathers up like this. I am thinking soon we will have a lot less roasters, and have peace at the chicken coop.

We have started selling eggs, so that we can raise money for feed, and next years plans for chicks.


  1. Nichole Jolene said...

    just caught up with the Williams. How much fun in the last little while. I want some chickens REAL bad. Totally jealous~~