Candy Bar Brownies

This week I have been working on making mixes of candy bar brownies. There are new cellophane bags at the local store....and I think they are beautiful! The above photo is of a few bags on the kitchen counter, and the sun steaming in.
I made a lot of mixes! I haven't decided if it is best to buy 'fun size' candy bars before Halloween on sale, or afterwards at half price. I decided I wanted a good selection without the shopping battles, so I bought them early. Taft came into the kitchen after I finished getting all the candy bars into the packages and said "You wasted all the candy???" The next morning I gave him a kit kat bar, since I did have a couple bars left, only to find the wrapper laying in the carport. I think I know why I wasted the candy bars! Anyhow I am making the mixes to sell and to have some in my pantry. Last night I wrapped them in ribbon (while watching Perry Mason) now I need to get labels made ( so I can watch more Perry Mason).


  1. Tearsa said...

    perry mason was on kbyu tonight. but i didn't watch it.