Taft's Broken Nose

On Oct 7th Taft broke his nose. How you might be wondering how? With the metal bar of the trampoline coming down on the top bridge of his nose. It was later in the evening (dark) and the boys were out playing on the trampoline. Someone had the great idea of having the tramp on it's side then jumping on it. Well, Drey jumped (he is rather large) and Taft was holding the tramp on its side....which came down with great force on his face. I might have 4 boys but I really don't understand how they think.
Never the less it was a painful evening. When I got to Taft he was leaning over the brick sidewalk, with a puddle of blood down below him. I got him in the house, where it took a while for it to stop bleeding. Taft isn't one to be crying, and he deals with pain better than anyone I know, but he was having a difficult time. After a bit, I had him lay down on the sofa with some pillows propping him up, his nose just keep a slow trickle of blood draining. Then he started shaking, and we got more blankets on him. I couldn't believe how quickly and how much swelling his nose did those first few minutes!
Aaron wasn't home, but at a meeting. I knew I couldn't take him to the doctors, the office being closed left us with the emergency room for a choice. But I didn't think they could do anything that night. But I was having a hard time handling this one alone. I called Aaron and was able to get him out of his meeting and home. He was able to give Taft a priesthood blessing, which brought great comfort to me. We worked hours that night with ice, a bag of it was too heavy on his face, so two ice cubes in a wash cloth, that way we could position the ice on both sides of his nose. Even with Motrin (adult strength, "do I have to swallow these whole?") it took till midnight for him to fall sleep on the sofa.
Come morning I called the doctors office. I understand with a broken nose that it needs to be checked, in case there is a problem with the sinuses. The doctor (Trotter) looked at his nose, said it looked broken....but he wasn't going to bother with an x-ray. Why? Because he would treat it the same way rather it was broken or not. He said that Taft's nose was in alignment, which meant he wouldn't have any troubles with his sinuses. Also that there wasn't a blood clot, which is another concern. Taft was given a spray for his nose to use twice a day for two weeks to help reduce swelling and heal quicker.
By the way, before we went to the doctors office I borrowed a camera from the neighbor. I wish I had it the first night, since that was when things were really huge. But I took a few days worth of photos so you can see his progress, but it is hard to get the true effect of size and color in these photos. After the first night he said that it really didn't hurt, unless he bumped it. The color around his eyes came and left quite quickly. Actually the whole thing has healed very well.


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    oy mom i'm so proud of you.  

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    i got it. thanks.