Visiting Friends

Here is Mom with Wade & Eileen Quigley. They were a missionary couple 25 years ago on Whidbey Island, which we have stayed in touch with. Of course there is more to it than that.....19 years ago, I spent the summer & fall living in their basement (they adopted me) and that is how I met Aaron. Without them, I wouldn't be in Idaho...or married to such a good man, and yes they are happy to take credit for it! We spent the day with them yesterday.

Wade & Eileen are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this summer. They are having a celebration next month along with a family reunion. Then in the fall, closer to their actual wedding date, they are taking their 5 children & spouses to Hawaii. By the way, they have 19 grandchildren and 49 great grandchildren! What a wonderful couple.

Speaking of wedding anniversaries Russ & Ardith Weaver, are celebrating their 50th this summer. They are local friends, who actually know the Quigleys, for years ago, they both lived in the same town. I took this photo at church, on one of those Sundays I had my camera, because I love Ardith's hat!