We took a boat cruise down the Beautiful Snake River this month with friends, 5 couples...no children. It was a planned barbecue dinner party, with a boat ride first. Above is a daylight photo of the Perrine bridge. Yes, it is a large bridge with 4 lanes for traffic....cross it, and you're in Twin Falls. Down low where we are, there are two golf courses, each involving the Snake River, but on different sides of the river.
Aaron, with Russ in the cowboy hat, and Gary, up front of the boat, enjoying the view. Russ told us that in his high school days, he & some friends stole a chicken....and dropped the bird off the bridge. Oddly enough it didn't try to flap it's wings, but soared and made it to the side of the river.
Here is our mighty captain...look closely at his shirt, which reads 'Captain Chuck'. He is actually our potato farmer, renting one of our fields again.
Not lots of water falling over the falls, most at this time of the year is headed off to the farmers, but water with noise is wonderful.
Here is a photo of the 'party boat'. It can hold a group, but it doesn't go fast. We are anchored so we can go off and explore. The smoke up front is dinner cooking...not the boat overheating.
The rocks here are large, with caves, holes and other wear and tear from the raging water...fascinating.
Strong Man moving the boulders apart.

This photo of the Perrine Bridge in the evening. Aaron took it. You can look at it sideways, or upside-down and it looks the same...with the reflection from the water. We spent hours out and about, and I loved every minute of it!


  1. Patti Raye Miller said...

    I really enjoyed the pictures Janice, that must have been a very nice trip down the river, with sightseeing and dinner a cooking, and no crying children, just a nice quiet day with friends, I like it a lot. The farmers work hard and need a nice quiet day on the river.
    Thanks, Patti Raye