Til's Crickets

This is Tilmann's newest thing: collecting crickets. He and the other boys gather them from under rocks and such around the yard, and then store them in two old bee boxes in his room.

He has 28 crickets so far, and they are rather noisy...for proof I filmed them for you. They generally make MUCH more noise than they are making in the movie, but you know how it is. Point a camera at crickets and they are instantly much quieter.

I think that crickets are absolutely disgusting, but it is fun to hear them chirping. For about 10 minutes, that is. After that, they do get on my nerves. Plus--I think one of the crickets got loose and is in my room, and I know that at least two crickets are roaming free in Til's & Tav's room. Gross. Enjoy your movie. (okay, it's not that good, but whatever)

***Turn up your volume. It helps.***