Hayminator Rides

Mom took a ride in the 'Hayminator', our hay retriever. Aaron built this out of a garbage truck 7 years ago. There is a front bar clamp that picks up & squeezes together 1 ton hay bales, then drops them up on top of a ramp....the bales sides down to the bottom. The truck can carry 8 bales at a time. The two lower photos show how he can stack them, 4 go at one time, with a stop to hold the others in place, then they can drop down and be stacked. It's a nifty piece of equipment. Mom decided she wanted to ride out in the field and gather first hand knowledge of its skills. It bangs and clangs, and bumps...and when it drops the bale on top of the cab ramp & it slides down....well she decided it was very much like a carnival ride! Yes, she loved it. Taft by the way was working on the same pivot with Aaron, working in the baler. If you notice the hay isn't all bright green, it's because we've had a chunk of a rain storm when the hay was cut.

By the way, Mom was just outside reading a book, sitting on a chair in the grass, when her dog went barking....she quickly grabbed him, before he headed out of the yard, since he had spotted 2 skunks in our driveway!!! I hope they don't find the cat food, because I really don't want any more pets!