Fishing in Alaska

This is my Older Brother Jon with a Cod Fish....not quite an attractive fish for the cover of National Geographic, but very nice size. These photos are from this winter, right now he is salmon fishing. But I decided that I would post them today, since it is my father's spent part of a summer years ago with Jon on a boat in Alaska....Jon lives part of the year on the Aleutian Chain of Islands in Alaska. I bet you didn't know I had an adventurist in my family.

Crab....crab season was after cod season. These are Opilios crabs. In the below photo my brother is on the right.
Winter....this is the Bering Sea with ice floating upon it. If our Grandma Bruneau saw this photo, I'm not too sure if she would let Jon travel up to Alaska anymore! Who would want to be out in this sea- during this season? I wish my brother a safe....and sane season! Tilmann, "Why would Uncle Jon want to grow up to be a looks too dangerous."


  1. Anonymous said...

    Lydia is fascinated with these pictures. Now she is asking me all kinds of questions about fish (which I of course can't really answer!) Thanks for posting them. You probably didn't consider them appealing to your 4 year old fan club, but they definitely do!!!