Our BUSY Week!

Taft has been swathing hay this week....yes he is 12, but can run this heavy....expensive piece of equipment! This is the pivot next to our house. Aaron also has spent many hours swathing hay.

Mom bought down these tubes of plastic bubble stuff....I remember making them as a child....difficult making a bubble this big. (my older brother made the biggest bubbles) So I put her by the clematis and took a photo.
Mom and I went to high school graduation for Ethan, pictured with his mother Stacey. I find going to graduations kind of fun, and happy to have Mom attend with me! I was their official photographer.
Mom celebrated her birthday this week. Which one? Well, she told the grandchildren that she turned 49....but my math says she was a bit too young when she had me! We've also been going to town lots this week...trying to get her list of 'to dos' done. We figured with the children in school, this was the time to do it.
Today was the last day of school, which means at the Elementary school, Track Day! Here is Tilmann doing the high jump. Tilmann received a bunch of ribbons, first place in Ball Throw, Making hoops, (basketball) and the Long Jump. By the way... Tearsa wants everyone to know that Janice took this awesome photo.
Here is Tavin with the climb from the obstacle course....run through tires, climb through tubes, run with buckets on your feet...typical fun. Tavin did well with the ball throw and running.
Drey has been taking drivers ed. this quarter at school. But the driving teacher started this course a bit late, went on vacation....and what ever, meaning that school is out, but the course still lingers onward. For the next two weeks he has classes every day, and I get to drive him to Filer (20 some miles away) Are we thrilled? Well in two weeks he will have his permit, and I'll be riding with him, now that might be thrilling!