Family Photo Out West

(Click on Photo to enlarge)
Saturday night, we did family photographs up in the hills, at the old Buck Rice Place, which in it's day was a wealthy homestead. There were Aaron's parents, and all their descendants, making about 2 dozen of us. We wore white shirts, and denim bottoms. He also took individual family pictures, which he did ours in front of the house, with the boys in the windows. After all was said and done, I asked our niece, Natalie to take a photo of the family for the blog, so it might not quite be like he had posed us, but at least the same general area. I cropped out part of the upper part of the house, for it is two story, but my niece took a photo of the photographer & his wife, so you can sort of see more of the house.

We loved the photographer, Jim Fort, & his wife Mary. They attended High School with Aaron, Jim a year older, Mary his grade. For locals, his business is Addison Photography.