On the Road Again!

My Mother headed off this morning in her motor-home. It's been lonely without her...o.k. not really lonely, but a bit more of an 'empty spot' without her. (how can I be lonely with all these boys?) I've been missing Tearsa, who is off for the whole week to Girl's State. Now with Mom gone too, it's just slowed down. (I could get back into the cleaning mode?) We loaded her motor-home with 22 boxes for our summer yard sale....I've been collecting since last summer! Yard sales on the island are popular, and help pay for gas for our summer vacation to the island! Anyhow Mom's been great company, we've done lots of stuff while she's been here....which by the way was her longest visit yet...but still not quite long enough!

This by the way, was a photo I found in my camera....Tavin was in and out of the house this morning, (with his dad, who is stacking hay) while I was in town with Tilmann, waiting on Drey for his drivers ed. class. Self-portrait I'm sure.....