Badger Hunting

Drey & Taft with their very dead badger. Badgers are wicked animals, just ask Tilmann, if they were good, they would be called 'good-gers'...but they are bad-gers. They are a great problem on the farm. Notice the next photo, and you can see the size of holes that they make. Yep, you can fall in them....often they are going after ground squirrels, but what ever it might be, they make a big mess. The boys had a plan on getting this badger, their holes are deep, so they filled it up with water 50 plus gallons, causing it to come out of it's hole half-drown...then to be hit by 12 gage shot gun & a 22.

I thought I would throw in this photo from winter. I used it to make a trap-shooting poster, and thought it was a good one of the hunting boys.