Locks of Love

Today I had a beautician chopped off most of my hair. 15.5 inches, to be exact.
Here is a before picture of my hair.
Points of interest: yes, it was waist-length & yes, the last 3 or so inches of hair amount to absolutely nothing.This picture doesn't really show how long my hair is, but it makes me look really weird and it was hard for me to bend like that, so I felt the need to post the picture.And here are the after photos:And here is my horse tail (by the way--it's really nasty. I don't know how to explain it, but it's kind of like my finger got cut off in an accident or something, but instead of getting rid of it, I'm storing it in my room. And touching it. Reallllly gross.) I really love my new haircut, and I think it looks tons better on me. I was expecting my hair/head to feel much lighter, but honestly, it feels the same.
I don't think my horse tail will make up a very large portion of a wig, but hey--every donation counts, right?


  1. enussbaum said...

    beautiful girl you are, tearsa.
    (let's go for a bike ride this summer..)  

  2. Anonymous said...

    You go girl friend!  

  3. Greg and Gwen said...

    Don't you just hate anonymous comments????

    Your hair looks so good! You did a good deed and got a cute new look out of the deal. Not bad! It was fun hanging out with you this last weekend. Thanks for putting up with my bad driving.
    Good luck studying for the ACT!!!  

  4. Jasmine said...

    Oooh, your hair looks awesome! You're so pretty...and donating every bit of hair counts! My mother is a cancer survivor and hair donations mean more than you truly know! :)  

  5. Liz said...

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!
    It looks nice.
    Call me sometime because we need to hang out this summer.
    Did you post our unicorn???
    Love liz  

  6. Tearsa said...

    Hey Liz, how exactly am I supposed to call you? and I did post the unicorn, it's just a few pages back.